Spawn of Satan

August 9th, 2003 | Tags:

When my sister visited Maine a few years ago (she was working at a summer camp) she called the [rotary][1] (or round-about, if you prefer) the spawn of satan. And she is probably right. If people a not paying attention the rotary can become a very dangerous place to be. Since I grew up in a [state][KY] that has no rotaries and have not managed to find a copy of the driving rules for the state I live in now, I have obeyed pretty much one rule: traffic in the rotary has right of way. (For those that have no idea of what a rotary is, it is basically an intersection of one or more roads without the inclusion of a stop sign.)

The only reason that I bring this up is that while I was passing through the rotary this evening a guy decided to pull out in front of me. And I hit the horn. I am used to people ignoring it and continuing on their way as if nothing happened. This was not one of those times. The guy (who had been leaning back in his seat talking on his cellphone) turned to look at me and gave one of those looks from the movies. (The look where the bad guy knows he is about to be killed in some horrific accident.) He turned, looked, dropped his cell phone and sped up. My wife is convinced that he also wet his pants.

The moral of the story? Traffic in the rotary has the right of way.


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