Circuit City Blues & News

October 7th, 2003 | Tags:

I stopped at Circuit City on the way home from work to take advantage of their 110% Primematch Guarantee. Staples advertised the same 25 disc Memorex 4x DVD-R media I had bought a week earlier for $20 less. The first Customer Service person I talked to said no, they were not the same item. (The SKU number Staples used didn’t match the UPC code, so there was no way they could be the same item.)

Person number two was smart enough to look at the picture in the ad and the spindle I had brought up to customer service to say she thought they were the same. So they had a third person come look at the ad. I think he took it to the back and actually called Staples. So after twenty minutes and three clerks I finally had my PriceMatch guarantee.

While I was waiting for this simple transaction to take place I was watching commercials for the news when theis story caught my ear: “A teenager and a toddler are injured at the zoo. We talk to them *both* at 6.” Really.

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