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October 7th, 2003 | Tags:

Sometimes spammers make me laugh. Like this selection from [RBC Offers][1] for [LogoSaur][2]:

> Many companies brand their email solicitations as Opt-in. However, RBCOffers believes in true permission-based marketing. When a subscriber joins our network and provides us with his/her demographics and areas of interest, it’s just the beginning of our Opt-in process.
> The second step is we send a confirmation email to verify that the subscriber truly wants to receive the pertaining subject matter. The final step is we further confirm the authenticity of the record by matching it against our licensed consumer database of 193 million individual consumers.
> After this is completed, then, and only then, is the record included in our exclusive confirmed file.

If this is all true, then how did a non-existant address wind up in their database? No one has ever used the sales@ email address on my domain…yet it manages to get mail. How comforting words of a spammer are.

[1]: http://http//www.rbcoffers.biz/
[2]: http://www.logosaur.net/

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