Ads I Don’t Understand

February 18th, 2004 | Tags:

I think there are some advertisements I don’t understand because the people making them up just didn’t put enough thought into them, or they just weren’t meant for me. [Woburn Toyota][1] was advertising Presidential Day savings this past Monday. I think I understand what they meant, but why not just say it in the first place?


I really like the service at [Town Fair Tire][tft]. [Free rotation][free]. [Free flat repair][free]. The best part being: it doesn’t matter whether or not you buy tires there–they still provide the free services. That being said, I found the following phrases on placards next to various rims on the wheel display at the front of the store: “Bling Bling Homies!”, “Off Da Heezy!!”, and “Dubs What!”. I think I know what the first one means, but as for the rest, I have no clue. If there had been any homies waiting for their free service, I would have asked them, but there weren’t any folks down wit that.

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