Last Kiss

April 29th, 2005 | Tags:

A few weeks ago I first heard [Bob Ricci][1]’s “Ode to Playboy”, and I really liked the song. It sounded familiar, so I looked to find more information about it and found it was a parody of “Last Kiss”. So I downloaded a copy by Pearl Jam, which I later found out was a cover of the original by Ricky Nelson.

The version by Pearl Jam, however, still sounded eerily familiar. After some thinking I think I have finally figured out why: it was used as the theme music for an epsiode of a TV show. It is likely that the show I remember it from was “Cold Case” or “Without a Trace”, but I haven’t been able to find any information linking the song to any TV show episode. (And I am hoping that someone out there remembers the show and can give me some more details.)

In a slightly related note, the only other song that I remember from an episode was “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”. It was the theme from the “Without a Trace” holiday episode where Jack decided to stop fighting with his wife over custody of their daughters. A very poignant message in song.


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