The Road from Tiger: iSync

April 29th, 2005 | Tags:

Along with many other people, I was standing in line on Friday to try out the new version of the operating system from Apple. Now, after a clean disk install, I am trying to get back to speed with everything, installing all of those needed applications. Thi sis my journey.

Until I get the introduction ready to go, word of complaint about iSync that even the [help site][1] will not tell you: you enable Palm syncing for a device, you _must_ be logged in as an administrator. iSync will not ask you for authentication, it will just silently fail.

Since part of the directions insist that you have already synced your data once, this required that you log on as an admin, sync data (hopefully the admin’s PDA), then enable iSync, all so a user can sync a PDA. Hopefully Apple or Palm will fix this madness soon.


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