Signature Validation

June 5th, 2005 | Tags:

I went to [Wal-Mart]( this evening and went through the checkout lanes twice (I forgot something the first time). The first time through I swiped my card, put my card in my wallet, signed the receipt and was on my way. The second time through I swiped my card, put my card in my wallet, had the cashier ask me for my card, took the card out of my wallet, handed it to the cashier, signed the receipt, watched her check the signature versus the card, got the card back from the cashier, but the card in my wallet for the second time and was on my way.

I only bring this up, because I am unsure why they actually are looking and comparing the signatures. It’s not doing any much good since I didn’t even give the cashier the same card that I had just paid with. The two cards aren’t the same type and don’t even look the same (one is a dark black [Discover Card]( while the other is a light grey [Citi Mastercard]( Why even check if you aren’t going to do a good job?

And it is not just this evening. I’ve been doing this consistently for about 4 months, and nobody really seems to care. Thanks to John Hargrave’s [Credit Card Prank]( and [Credit Card Prank II]( for the inspiration.

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