Quicken 2005

June 5th, 2005 | Tags: , ,

Two years ago I was a beta tester for Quicken 2004 (code-named Dakota). That was the second year I was a beta tester, and they haven’t asked me back since. Perhaps it was because I reported the same bugs the second year as the first. Perhaps it was because I [wasn’t enamored][2] with their product.

[2]: http://moo.plaidcow.net/2003/07/quicken_2004

The current version shows dialogs like this:


What’s the sense here? And every time I start the application, it asks me to register. So I hit the register now button and nothing happens. Actually, something does happen, but Quicken just can’t figure out how to handle itself: it is installed in `/Applications/`, but my user account doesn’t have write permissions to that directory.

If I can find the set of bugs I kept that weren’t addressed by the beta I last tested for, I’ll post them. Most of them probably still exist in Quicken, and I’m no longer under the NDA.

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