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Our wedding will be held at Dixie Valley Chruch of God, conventiently located off of Dixie Highway at 4703 Quinn Dr on the second of November, 2002. Directions to the church will be available shortly. The cermeony will be officiated by Larry G. Higginbotham, cucumber extraordinaire.

The wedding will start promptly at six o’clock in the evening. Guests arriving after five minutes till six will not be seated until after the bride has made her entrance.

First thou must arrivest at the holy matriomony, and the time of starting shalt be six o’clock, no more, no less. Six o’clock shall be the hour of starting, and the hour of the start shall be six. Six thirty shall not be the hour of the start, neither shall the start be at five thirty, unless it is then postponed to six. Seven is right out. Once the hour of six has arrived, being the sixth hour be reached, then shall start the holy matrimony.

Photography is being done before and during the ceremony by Terry and Lynn Heick of Lifetime Photography.

The masks for the bride, bridemaids, ushers and parents were obtained from directly from Italy through La Fondazione. The masks for the groom and groomsmen were provided by Cheryl Mandus of The Merchant of Venice.

The tuxedos for the wedding party were obatined from Sam Meyer’s Formal Wear. Ask me for more information on why we switched from the original national chain that we had selected.

The unity candle set was purchased from Candles by Trudi of Nashua, NH.

The bride’s boquet was created from black magic roses grown in Icelandic glacier water heated to 94.6 degrees then hand picked and arranged by Julianne of Julianne’s Florist.

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