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If you have a question about the wedding which is not answered here you can email me and I will do the best to answer. If the question is regarding gifts and/or registries, please contact one of our gift registry attendants. Please note that I will not be checking my email after the 23rd of October, since we will be travelling to Louisville a week before the wedding.

Are you registered for wedding gifts?

I have looked at the site and can’t find any gift registries. Are you registered for wedding gifts?

Of course we are registered for gifts. It would, however, be innappropriate to put a checking account number on the invitation or a big flashing link on the front page. Very uncouth.

Why was I not invited to the wedding?

No one was left off of the wedding list on purpose. Some people just could not be contacted. Others may have slipped through the crack. If you feel you should have gotten an inviattion and have not received one yet, please send me an email and I will rectify the situation.

Why was I invited to the wedding?

I got this invitation thing in the mail, and do know why I got one. Can you help.

If you don’t recognize either my or my fiancé’s name, then we might have mailed it to the wrong person. Send me an email so we can straighten it out. If you do recogize one of our names then you are most likely a family member, friend of the family, current friend, or person who has made a great difference in one of our lives.

Can I bring a guest to the wedding?

Due to an error in production of the invitations for unmarried people, the words “and Guest” failed to get appended to most inner envelopes. We appologize for the error. Feel free to bring a guest if you would like (just note it on the RSVP), but do not feel that you have to bring a guest. A wedding is an innapproproate venue for a blind date.

Should we wear costumes to the reception?

Costumes are optional for the reception and masks will be provided for those who do not wish to come in costume. The most important thing is to be comfortable and have fun.

Are all costumes appropriate for the wedding?

I was thinking of coming to the wedding dressed as a serial killer. Is this ok?

Not all costumes are appropriate. If it would scare a young child, it is not appropriate. If it was ever a character in a horror movie, it is not appropriate. If it is a costume of someone George Bush would consider evil, it is not appropriate.

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