Inbox Zero? Nineteen Is Close

August 21st, 2007 | Tags:

Last year sometime, I read the series on [43 Folders]( on [InboxZero]( and it made a lot of sense. Get rid of all of the mail in your inbox at the end of the day and your life will be much happier. And since then, it has been a quest.

Long ago I figured out that if I moved emails out to folders I would never see them again. And items in the “to do” folder would just stack up. So I leave things that need something done with them in the inbox. And I am finally down to nineteen, the oldest of which is now only three years old. (Well, up until a month ago, the oldest was from November ’02.)

So I should hit zero sometime soon. Eventually. And life will be good. And I can start on my other email accounts.

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