The Best (and Worst) Excuses

August 16th, 2007 | Tags:

This past weekend, we had a house warming party. And since people feel bad about getting an invitation and just not responding to it, we get some excuses as to why they won’t be there. And we got some *good* ones this year:

* My wife is having her tonsils out on Friday _[And that is going to stop you why?]_
* I’ll be in St Augustine, Florida for “work” _[This qualifies as the worst excuse–mainly because the trip was postponed]_
* We’re having a baby the day before _[Well why did you schedule the C-section *that* day]_
* My parents are in town _[and you should bring them]_
* My daughter is going off to college at Purdue on Sunday, and we want to make the most of the few moments we have left (or spend it frantically packing)
* I live in Arizona now _[and Indiana is too far for a weekend trip?]_
* I have in-laws coming in town this weekend and will not be able to attend. _[and you should bring them]_
* I have to help my brother-in-law move into the Fraternity House
* I’m going to be out of town visiting my Dad, so I won’t be able to make it
* Working on wedding plans. _[My wife loves to talk about wedding planning]_
* Unfortunately, I must decline as I will be taking care of my bees. _[Since when do you raise bees?]_
* Sorry I don’t have swimming stuff available….. Could you please provide a suit and a towel? _[Sure, I’ve got thongs for rent.]_

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