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A good long time ago, there was a screencast of what you could do with [FastScripts][1]. Unfortunately, the screencast didn’t do it justice. The problem with doing a screen cast for an application/script launcher is that it is highly dependent on the applications and scripts that you have available. And, for the most part, this is not a tool that does things, it allows you to do things. So what do I have set up? Here is a sampling:

### System Level
* iTunes control – Prev (F9), Play/Stop (F10), Next (F11)
* Ping GrowlTunes (Cmd-F10) – Ping GrowlTunes to re-show the current playing track.

### Finder
* New Named Folder (Cmd-Shift-N) – Will suggest a name for a new folder (based on the selection), then move all of the files to that new folder
* Rename Files (Cmd-Shift-R) – Open the selected files with R-name
* Rotate Images (Cmd-Opt-R) – Rotate the selected images (a dialog asks clockwise or counter-clockwise)
* Move Files Up (Cmd-Shift-U) – Move the selected files to the parent folder.
* Move to Filename Folders – Move the selected files to folders based on a portion of the name.
* New Document (Cmd-Opt-N) – Create a new document of a type selected from a dialog. (Like a right click in windows.)
* View as Preview (Cmd-Shift-J) – Change to view by icon w/ large icons & show preview.
* View by Icon (Arranged by Name) (Cmd-Shift-1) – Changes to view by icon, sorted by name
* Slideshow in GraphicConverter (Cmd-Shift-D) – View the current folder as a slideshow in GraphicConverter
* Open Terminal Here (Cmd-Shift-T) – Open a Terminal session with the directory set to the current folder

### Mail
* Mark Read (Cmd-T) – Mark the selected messages as read
* Mark Unread (Cmd-Shift-T) – Mark the selected messages as unread

### iTunes
* Rename Files (Cmd-Shift-R) – Rename the currently selected files (based on the tag data)
* Organize Files (Cmd-Shift-O) – Move the currently selected files (based on the tag data)

### Safari
* Open Text as New Tab (Cmd-Opt-T) – Opens a new tab with the selected text as the location

This is all I can come up with off the top of my head…and these are just ones with keyboard shortcuts. There are plenty of others that are just in the menu.


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