Old Skool T-Shirt Auction

July 16th, 2008 | Tags:

Show off your old skool pride with any of these used (but still wearable) T-Shirts from days gone by. Click each of the pictures for a larger view.

* **[$03.00]** Greek Unity Toga (White, XXXL)

«qx20080722-001» «qx20080722-002»

* **[$10.00]** Spring 97 Rush (Green, XXXL)

«qx20080722-003» «qx20080722-004»

* **[$00.00]** You Know You’re in Speed School If… (White, XXL)

«qx20080722-005» «qx20080722-006»

* **[$00.00]** 1997 E-days Shirt (White, XXL) — Back when “emacsstu” still existed

«qx20080722-007» «qx20080722-008»

* **[$10.00]** Fall 2000 Rush (Red, XXXL)

«qx20080722-009» «qx20080722-010»

* **[$00.00]** UofL Bicentennial Official Torch Carrier Shirt (White, XXXL) — Yeah, you actually had to carry the torch to get this shirt, so they are in fairly short supply.

«qx20080722-011» «qx20080722-012»

I will be giving them out based on silent bid auction (respond via email) with 25 cent minimum increments. The current bids will be shown on this page. All proceeds will be matched and go to the [Louisville Chapter][0] [HOD III Awards][1] fund.

Bidding will close at the end of the month.

[0]: http://uofltriangle.org/
[1]: http://uofltriangle.org/Awards

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