My Tips for Saving Money on College

September 11th, 2008 | Tags:

Regarding the [Consumerist][0] post on [Personal Finance Roundup][1]:

> My Tips for Saving Money on College
> \#1. Get an on-campus job. Preferably one that allows you to learn something or allows you to do your homework.
> \#2. Don’t spend money. See how long you can go with spending zero cash. I made it about two months after writing my Dad a bad check. i just didn’t have the money.
> \#3. Classroom != Fashion runway. If it sort of fits and covers the important parts, it should be fine. Looking like a fashion plate is not a requirement.
> \#4. Get involved. Though organizations may cost money to join, if you get involved, they can keep you busy enough to not go out and mindlessly spend money.
> \#5. Do not get a credit card. You do not have the willpower to ignore temptation.

> The best advice I got regarding college was from my high school Calculus teacher who noted: “College is a game. You win if you get a degree.” There is some value in attending a big name school, but once you’re in the working the college you attended won’t be that important–just that you were able to complete it. (Ff you’re looking to get a C-level job at a Fortune 100 company, having an MBA from a top college *might* be different.)


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