The Count is Down to Five

September 18th, 2008 | Tags: ,

If email is overwhelming your life and your inbox is out of control, I would highly recommend checking out the [Inbox Zero][1] series of posts on [43 Folders][2]. It can make a huge difference in how you look at email. I don’t agree with everything that is presented, but it is cathartic to be able to have an empty (or near empty Inbox). If there are any emails which still need to be followed up on or replied to, they stay in the Inbox. I don’t trust that I will ever look at emails which are in a separate “To Process” box.

My main account is now down to five messages in the Inbox. (Once this Inbox is finished, I will be starting on the other two inboxes: 110 and 44 messages respectively.)

One day at a time. And the count keeps going down.


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