A Love/Hate Relationship with Consumerist

October 17th, 2008 | Tags: ,

I have a love/hate relationship with [Consumerist][1]. I love to read the stories about the little guy who got stepped on finally made whole. I have the fact that 80% of the stories posted are about idiots, by idiots. The postscript to [Walmart Employee Hates New Trash Cans, Will Throw Yours If You Set It Near Him][2] really sums it up well:

> Ricky, learn to write in paragraphs! With punctuation! Yes, I am wagging
my finger at you now! It took me three days to figure out how to edit your
story down to a readable level. This isn’t just me being a jackass—you’ll
be taken far more seriously by companies if you can make a concise,
well-written argument.

People are much less likely to have problems with companies when they are not idiots.

[1]: http://consumerist.com/
[2]: http://consumerist.com/5064998/walmart-employee-hates-new-trash-cans-will-throw-yours-if-you-set-it-near-him

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