Misanthropic Leanings

January 10th, 2009 | Tags: , ,

It’s not that I hate people, I just think, as a general rule, people are stupid. (If you get offended by this statement, then your probably one of the people I am talking about.

Like [this guy][1] on [Consumerist][2]. He gets an *estimate* for a moving job and when everything is packed up, it’s not such a good estimate. The actual total weight is 50% more than was *estimated*. This seems rather likely in our hyper-consumerism society. I try to guarantee my estimates within 1000%, but I’ve missed both ways.

He complains that the head mover hires day laborers “off the street”. They could keep more people on staff, but that would jack up the rates more. I don’t see the issue. Packing and carrying boxes is not brain surgery.

He complains that boxes were damaged during the move. Well, that is why he had renters insurance and made sure it would cover things while they were being moved. No? Well, that is why he purchased the gap insurance to cover this sort of thing. You did buy gap insurance didn’t you? No, so you get the standard damage payout of 60 cents a pound.

They promised me this, and this, and this, and a pony. But I don’t have any of it in writing.

He waited up one night until 1am at an empty apartment for the movers to show up. Was it because they told him they would be delivering that day? (Hint: The answer is no.) Given it would take them several hours to unload, I would have given up at 5:00 or so.

He also accuses them of hiding behind the contract. That thing he never bothered to read. Useless piece of paper.

[1]: http://consumerist.com/5052983/the-moving-company-i-hired-was-incompetentwhat-do-i-do-now
[2]: http://consumerist.com/

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