The Goal

January 4th, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

A while back I let my subscription to [Reader’s Digest][1] lapse–I just couldn’t justify the cost any longer. But when [Consumerist][2] posted a link that was offering it for $5 for the year, I decided to try again. I made it to the second page of my first issue (December 2008) before getting annoyed. There was this quote in a letter to the editor:

> [Corporate CEOs] need to understand that it’s not about them or their shareholders, but the workers.

But it is. The general population needs to understand: [The Goal][3] of a corporation is to make money for the shareholders. That is all. The shareholders didn’t buy in so that the company could be nice and flowery and fritter away all of the money. The shareholders want to make money too. What is so wrong about this?


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