Teachers Assign Homework? Who Knew?

February 23rd, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

**Question: Do you think teachers should be given guidelines for homework assignments?**

I think most teachers have enough sense to follow the guidelines that had been accepted by the school board–10 minutes per night per grade. I just don’t think most students have the capacity to actually do the work. Like the example cited in the article:

> One board member said she sympathizes with overloaded students and the parents who help them. She watched her 12-year-old grandson work on a project and spent four hours helping him with it.

I’m sure this 6th or 7th grader (who should have an hour or so of homework *every* night) didn’t get this project the night before it was due. How much time passed between the assignment and the four hour marathon to get it completed? They never mention this in the articles.

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