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I’m of two minds about the requirement of Topix to identify their posters. (See Texas judge orders site to identify anonymous trolls, flamers.) Before the Indy Star switched to a new system, I used to troll on the boards by taking the opposite opinion of everyone else (or what I thought would be the opposite […]

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While posting on the Indy Star forums today, I got an interesting response from Northsider to one of my comments: It’s people like you who allow these individuals to be treated like human beings which is unfortunate and sad. Treat a person as a human being? What an outrage!

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When a storm is coming, every one seems to run to the store to get the essentials: milk, bread and eggs. One of the posters to the Indianapolis Star Topix forums put it best: Don’t forget to buy your bread, milk, and eggs. What, is everyone going to make french toast??

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