Asian American Empowerment: Dat Phan

August 9th, 2003 | Tags:

As I was looking for an article to link to Dat Phan, I found an site on Asian American Empowerment which had comments on an article about Dat Phan winning Last Comic Standing. The comments pissed me off enough to take the time to create an account just so I could post a reply.

Posters mention the comments made by the other contestants on the show, including the ones they made by Cory, Dave, Rich, and Rob when they were on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. The question that I posed is a simple one: why are their comments so bad when Dat spent all his comic routines throughout the entire series making fun of his mom and his Vietnamese heritage? What’s the difference? Am I only allowed to make fun of people who are like me? Is this related to the debate about which people are allowed to use the word “nigger“?

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