Asian American Empowerment: Dat Phan

August 9th, 2003 | Tags:

As I was looking for an article to link to Dat Phan, I found an site on [Asian American Empowerment][1] which had comments on an article about [Dat Phan winning Last Comic Standing][2]. The comments pissed me off enough to take the time to create an account just so I could post a reply.


Posters mention the comments made by the other contestants on the show, including the ones they made by [Cory][3], [Dave][4], [Rich][5], and [Rob][6] when they were on [Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn][7]. The question that I posed is a simple one: why are their comments so bad when Dat spent all his comic routines throughout the entire series making fun of his mom and his Vietnamese heritage? What’s the difference? Am I only allowed to make fun of people who are like me? Is this related to the debate about which people are allowed to use the word “[nigger][8]”?


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