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This story was written my junior year in high school and is an attempt at writing personal narrative. For better or worse, this story must be read metaphorically. (If you try to take it seriously and make sense out of it, then you have very big problems.) All of the events in the story are true, and about people that were in my school the previous year. At the time many people found it hilarious. Now I am forgetting most of the jokes. If you saw (in the far past) Herman’s Head on Fox Television then this story might seem a little cliched. I have never seen the show, and since it went off the air many years ago, probably will never see it.

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The is the speech I wrote and gave at my high school graduation. I am told that it sent gasps up from the student audience. It is still one of the most remembered pieces of writing that I have. Note: Contrary to what the speech says, it was not writtent that day. I started it at 8pm the night before and showed it to only one person before the presentation.

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